2020 Catch-up

So far this year has been eventful. With Covid making our lives harder atleast some projects completed. With me being at home having time to complete some small weekend projects

Rage 2019

Cosplay was fun but never got the LEDs working. Power issues… meh.

3D Printing

I finished the rebuild of the MK2 Prusa clone

Quad copter FPV Freestyle

I have been getting into FPV freestyle and a little bit of racing on my own. It is allot of fun and makes me think of pod racing.

PC Upgrades and modding

With my pc showing its age I have dug into my wallet and upgraded PC.

With the case also showing its age I started modding the case also.

This year is still not done and many projects still in the works.

Printer broke…

So cables came loose and stupid me tried to fix it by pressing it back with a screw driver.So I blow the electronics…

So instead of just fixing the Ramps 1.4 I am doing that and super sizing it. yeah!

rAge is almost here

So at rAge each year I wear something silly. This year I am going to cosplay.
I mean I have a huge printer so can make anything I need.

The work is still top secret so cannot share much….except C-137.

Building a 3D Printer

Getting a 3D Printer can be expensive and not always what will work for you. So instead of getting a kit why not make one?
That is exactly what me and some friends over at MakerLabs did. We selected a frame on www.thingiverse.com and started from there.

First we got a frame assembled. We used 20×20 aluminum extrusions for the frame.

Frame assembly

We then created  prototypes some parts to see which will wok best for the frame and design.

Early planning

Then finalisation of parts in main colour. Even then it kept changing as is expected with prototyping.

Getting closer.

Then I got most of my parts and started the real build.

Most parts.

Then when almost done with the build I started with calibration which took a week or two.

Now with the control unit sitting next to it and holding the ramps 1.4 and Raspberry Pi 3 B+, the build is almost done.

Building your own printer can be daunting but is extremely rewarding in what you learn and you save a little on cost also.
Unless your like me and burn out electronics because you don’t read specifications :p

Moon City 3D Print

Printed on a Prusa clone at 0.2mm layer height. Time 26 hours

Fused filament fabrication, FDM Printing, 3D Printing